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eShakti Coupon

OK so I was emailed by a rep from eShakti to do a product review of their clothing. I said yes I would because I have seen some items I like,  Also have noticed many Fatshionista do OOTD's wearing their clothing. So I ordered a jacket and I am excited to receive and do my review. In the mean time they gave a coupon code for $20 off any purchase or $30 or more until 1/31/10. If you are interested go to my blog to get the code.  http://chunkycurlz.blogspot.com/2010/01/coupon-code-eshakti.html


You are beautiful!

Well it been about 2 weeks or so since I joined LJ, so far I am only a member of Fatshionista.  Haven't really browsed around for other community, just been enjoying Fatshionista and learning how this works.
Its almost become as addicting as Facebook & Twitter, I check it like 10 times a day to read everyone post and comments.  Also been checking other Fats profiles and it seems that some get upset if you are friends and don't post. SO here is my post for today.

I actually wanted to share a awesome blog I found that made me very happy. Its called
Operation Beautiful, its a site that was created to stop the negative fat talk most women do to them selves. You know we are all guilty of saying how fat, ugly or worthless you are. I USE to be that insure person, well although I am more confident and secure in who I am. I think that subconsciously I still do a little bit of negative self talk.  Its basically in a nutshell a project where the creator Caitlin places note in public places to let all women know they are beautiful. I did a blog post today on my blog chunkycurlz if you want to read more about it. It totally made me smile and happy reading about operation smile. It's such a small & simple thing that can make a big difference. I actually tried it at the gym today, in the woman's locker room. Just a simple little post it, letting every woman know they are BEAUTIFUL!!

FOR SALE! I have it & you need it!

Check out my sales slide show, new items, with & with out tags, a few pre-worn items, but all in excellent condition. All my items are from a smoke free & pet free home. The prices include shipping & handling cost with tracking #. I use to sell on ebay, (I have 100% feed back) but decided to find other methods for may sales so I can sell with out restrictions and give the buyers better deals. I prefer payment via Paypal, but will accept money order for $25+. If you need additional info on any item, such as measurements or type of material, email me or leave me a comment.  I will have a permanent sales post on my blog www.chunkycurlz.blogspot.com so come visit me. Thanks!
Check out my sales, new to community so please be patience, I'm still learning! :o)All New Stuff, Great Prices, Great Brands & Free Shipping!Collapse )Read more...Collapse )
Read more...Collapse )Read more...Collapse )http://picasaweb.google.com/vcid75/SalesPost

Thanks for check out my post, if you have any question please let me know

So what do I do now?

So this is my 1st entry and not sure how to use LJ. I joined to connect with other plus size fashion bloggers and just meet new people. Never really used this site or type of format, so if you can help me how to figure this out, pleas help! I'm sure I will get the hang of it, just need a few tips. Thanks! CC

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